Below you will find a variety of resources meant to help constituents engage with the issues, their community, and data of interest.

Issue Resources

Listed below are resources available to engage with the issues. While Congressional Communities™ does not lobby or take official positions, we do want to encourage active civic participation.

Participant Resources

Once a CC reaches a modest threshold number of participants, here is where you’ll find everything you need to participate in your Congressional Community, including recent poll results, community leadership, and the schedule of upcoming meetings.

Champion Resources

Here is where you’ll find everything you need to start your own Congressional Community, including checklists for what you need to bring to meetings, handouts to explain the idea, community roles, and sign up sheets to keep track of who’s coming to your meetings!

  • Test Resource

Data Resources

Here is where you'll find data organized by Congressional Communities for the use of interested journalists and researchers, including community demographic data, community boundary data, and more.

  • Data.Gov
  • U.S. Census Datasets
  • California Open Data Portal
  • Texas Open Data Portal
  • Florida Geospatial Open Data
  • Pew Research Dataset Downloads
  • ProximityOne - Congressional Communities